Expanding the Andscape brand with new Senior Culture Editor Britni Danielle

Britni Danielle, formerly of Shondaland.com, has been named senior culture editor of Andscape, a rebranded and expanded version of The Undefeated. In her new role, Danielle will focus on expository features surrounding African-American music, theater, film and fashion, as well as other areas of the entertainment industry. She will be based in her hometown of Los Angeles, Calif., and will report to Steve Reiss, Executive Editor for Culture and Enterprise.

“We’re thrilled that Britni is joining us at this crucial moment for the Culture team at Andscape,” said Steve Reiss. “Her wide-ranging experience and sharp thinking are going to make us better every day as we push into new spaces and subjects.”

In her role as culture editor at Shondaland.com from 2019-2022, Danielle produced weekly content and managed the television/film, entertainment and social interest coverage. Prior to Shondaland.com, Danielle was a creative force behind Ebony.com’s social media growth as the entertainment and culture director, in 2016, followed by a contributing writer and editor position at Essence.com, in 2018.

“I’m honored to join such a talented and amazing group of writers, editors, and professionals at Andscape,” said Danielle. “The brand’s mission — to view the world through a Black lens while also highlighting the limitlessness of Blackness — aligns perfectly with the work I’ve been doing as a writer and editor for more than a decade. Joining Andscape as its Senior Culture Editor, especially at a time when the platform is on the precipice of so many new developments, is not only exciting, but it will also allow me to continue amplifying Black stories and Black voices that move the conversation, and culture, forward.”

Danielle obtained a Bachelor of Arts, in English, from the University of Southern California and a Master of Fine Arts, creative writing, from the City University of New York Brooklyn College. She is also founder of The Write Pitch, a writing course for aspiring freelance journalists.

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