Here are the most hated NBA players this season, according to social media

The most HATED NBA players this season, according to social media 

  • Grayson Allen is the most hated NBA player this season, with 32% of reactions to social media posts about him being negative 
  • Patrick Beverley and Tristan Thompson take second and third respectively 
  • Ben Simmons, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving also make the top ten 

Grayson Allen is social media’s most hated NBA player this season, according to new research. 

The study, conducted by odds comparison experts analysed the social media reactions of articles surrounding the NBA’s most popular players, to see which stars were the most hated. Only players with more than 10,000 total reactions across social media were included in the study. 

Bucks shooting guard Grayson Allen was found to be the most hated, with a whopping 32% of the 14,800 reactions to articles featuring him being negative. That makes him the only player on the list with more negative reactions than positive ones. His 26% positive reactions results in a differential of –6%. Allen’s reputation for a dirty playing style has notably come under fire this season and this is clear from what social media thinks as well. 

Coming in second place is Timberwolves point guard Patrick Beverley, who has received the lowest percentage of positive reactions out of any player on the list. Only 15% of the 49,300 social media reactions came out as positive, alongside 4% negative reactions, with the rest being judged as neutral. Beverley is yet another NBA player that has come under fire for his dirty playstyle this season, which might explain the opinions fans have on news regarding him. 

Tristan Thompson comes in third place as 23% of his 617,700 social media reactions are positive, and 6% are negative. The Bulls power forward is the third most reacted to player behind Kyrie Irving and LeBron, with many negative reactions coming from his off-court actions. 

Here is the list of most hated NBA players on social media

Rank Player Total positive % Total negative % Positive/negative difference 
Grayson Allen 26% 32% -6% 
Patrick Beverley 15% 4% 11% 
Tristan Thompson 23% 6% 17% 
Ben Simmons 20% 3% 17% 
Dennis Schroder 19% 1% 18% 
Zion Williamson 24% 1% 23% 
Lebron James 31% 7% 24% 
Kyrie Irving 38% 13% 25% 
Jae Crowder 27% 2% 25% 

Fourth place goes to Nets point guard Ben Simmons, with only 20% of the 451,200 reactions to him on social media being positive, and 3% negative. Simmons ties with Tristan Thompson when comparing the difference between their positive and negative reactions, but Thompson ranks higher in the list due to his higher percentage of negative reactions. Ben Simmons has fallen under heavy scrutiny this season for refusing to play for the 76ers during his time on the team and was subsequently traded to the Nets. 

“King James” himself features in this season’s top ten most hated players, with LeBron receiving only 31% of positive reactions from around 8,400,000 in total. His 7% of negative reactions is also the third highest on the list. LeBron is not unaccustomed to scrutiny from NBA fans across his career, and with the Lakers underperforming this season it seems that has continued. 

Kyrie Irving sits in eighth place on the list, with 38% of the 793,100 reactions to him on social media being positive, and 13% being negative, the second highest in the top ten. Kyrie’s dispute with the Celtics during his time playing for the Boston-based team is still fresh, and the negative reactions to news involving him highlights this. 

When looking at the NBA’s biggest names, Steph Curry sits on the opposite end of the spectrum with 84% of reactions to him on social media being positive, Giannis also comes in with 71% of reactions to him as positive, and only 1% being negative. Kevin Durant sits at 57% positive and Damian Lillard sits at 70% positive. 

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from said: “It’s clear from this data that NBA fans on social media don’t forget controversy, with some players still receiving backlash for moves they made seasons ago. Others have built up reputations for unsportsmanlike play, and are the type of player that fans love to have on their own team, but love to hate if they play for anyone else. Nearly every player on this list receives more positive reactions than negative ones, so Grayson Allen stands out at the top of the list for the haters outweighing the supporters.”


*Data about specific teams or players available on request. 

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