‘Inmate to Roommate’ premieres August 18 on A&E Network

A&E Network’s new groundbreaking documentary series, “Inmate to Roommate,” follows recently released inmates as they re-enter society and move in with everyday people who are welcoming them into their homes.

This practice has been the subject of re-entry programs aimed at stopping recidivism. America has one of the world’s highest recidivism rates with approximately 76% of released prisoners being re-arrested after 5 years.

One of the most significant factors in reducing recidivism rates is access to housing.

How does ‘Inmate to Roommate’ work?

Both the former inmates and their respective roommates will enter this new living arrangement with their own baggage. The opportunities and the challenges are complex as they each face scrutiny from friends and family questioning their motives. Will this new situation allow the formerly incarcerated to successfully re-enter society or will it be the worst decision both parties have ever made?

Ahead of the premiere of “Inmate to Roommate” is the highly anticipated return of A&E’s “60 Days In” airing at 9pm ET/PT. The hit-series is returning for its 7th season in Georgia’s Henry County Jail. You can check out the trailer here – https://youtu.be/6L1swaKvMwc.

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