Applicants can now apply to become a real estate agent online                  

The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing is excited to announce that Ohioans can now apply to be a new real estate salesperson online.

The new service becomes available as the Division handled more than 7,000 new license applications in 2021, a 37% increase from 2019.

“The transition from the paper application to the online one will reduce the processing time, as well as save time and money for the agents. There will be no need to drive to drop off checks and no more overnight mail fees,” said Superintendent Daphne Hawk. “Our Division continues to leverage technology to make the customer service process for our licensees more convenient.”

What do you need to do to be a real estate salesperson in Ohio?

Ohio law requires a real estate salesperson applicant to be:

  • Sponsored by a licensed Ohio real estate broker
  • Be a U.S. citizen or an alien lawfully admitted to the United States
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Not have been convicted of a disqualifying offense.  Not have violated any civil rights laws regarding real estate within the past two years as determined by a court of law or violated any rules of the Division
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Complete the license’s education requirements, make an application with the applicable fee, and pass the examination

“Our work touches nearly every Ohio real estate transaction. Working with licensed professionals, from real estate agents to appraisers, and home inspectors, ensures trust in purchasing your largest asset, your home,” Hawk said.

How many licensed real estate professionals are there?

There were 51,064 licensed real estate professionals for the fiscal year of 2022. Home sellers and buyers are encouraged to use the Division’s License Lookup to validate they are working with a licensed real estate agent.

Additionally, agents are now able to transfer from one broker to another online. The Division processed 8,590 transfers in 2021, up 8% from 2019.

Soon, brokers will also be able to transfer their licenses via the online system, too. “We expect it to happen within the next 30 days,” Hawk said.

For additional information, real estate agents can call the Division at 614-466-4100 or visit

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