Why Cleveland Browns fans are the most superstitious in Ohio

(BONUSFINDER) – Ohioans are regarded as some of the most superstitious sports fans in the country according to a new study, with over 90% of sports followers in the state committing to a game day ritual of some description. 

Whether it’s wearing lucky pants, eating the same pre-game food, or maybe even avoiding the bathroom during a game, sports fans have some interesting superstitions and rituals that they follow in order to give their team some much-needed luck. 

The team at BonusFinder have surveyed over 1,000 NBA and NFL fans in the US to see just what rituals they follow, and what teams have the most superstitious fanbase. 

Across the state, the two NFL teams have some pretty superstitious fans. For the Cleveland Browns, their superstitions and rituals may come in handy with their game this week falling on Halloween night… 

With nearly 40% of Browns fans surveyed opting to not watch games with certain family members for bad luck, nearly 32% opted to either not wash their jersey or listen to a lucky song. 

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Bengals fans would prefer to rub a lucky token (30.43%) or watch the game in a specific place, such as a bar (30.43%). 

Bengals fans are some of the most superstitious between the two Ohio based NFL franchises, with less than 94% of supporters claiming to have some form of gameday ritual. 

Superstitions Followed by Ohio Teams

SUPERSTITION OR RITUAL Cleveland BrownsCincinnati BengalsCleveland Cavaliers
Watched the game with a specific person31.91%24.64%32.88%
Listened to a lucky song31.91%17.39%30.14%
Watched the game in a specific place, e.g. bar25.53%30.43%28.77%
Wore your team jersey25.53%27.54%27.40%
Wore another lucky item of clothing27.66%15.94%27.40%
Held or rubbed a lucky token31.91%30.43%26.03%
Not watched a game with a family member because you see them as bad luck34.04%23.19%24.66%
Went to the same bar or tailgate party before a game21.28%28.99%23.29%
Avoided a stand or seat number with the number ‘13’23.40%23.19%23.29%
Had the same meal on game day29.79%24.64%21.92%
Left your underwear unwashed23.40%23.19%20.55%
Not washed your team jersey31.91%18.84%20.55%
Not eaten a certain food25.53%23.19%19.18%
Wore lucky underwear19.15%18.84%17.81%
No, I am not superstitious6.38%5.80%10.96%

In the NBA, Cleveland Cavalier fans would actually prefer watching the game with a specific person, however over 20% of Cavs fans opt not to clean their underwear. 

By contrast, 73% of fans of the Phoenix Suns have not washed their underwear either.

Suns fans are the most superstitious in the NBA, with all those surveyed saying they were superstitious. While the Washington Wizards have some of the least superstitious fans, with only 60% saying they were.

Back in the NFL, Las Vegas Raiders came out on top as the most superstitious, with 100% of their fans surveyed following at least one superstition or ritual. Whereas only 56% of the New England Patriots followers advised they were superstitious.

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