Here is the latest on the East Palestine train derailment

See the latest Mahoning Matters coverage on the East Palestine train derailment here.

Norfolk Southern CEO visits East Palestine derailment site ‘to support the community’

Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw made a brief visit to East Palestine, Ohio, on Saturday amid heavy criticism about the company’s response to the train derailment earlier this month that prompted area evacuations, as well as health and environmental concerns.

What to know About the lawsuits against the company at the center of the Ohio train derailment

Rail operator Norfolk Southern is now facing a slew of lawsuits over its derailed cargo train in East Palestine, Ohio on Feb. 3 that caused a massive fire and toxic chemical spill.

East Palestine Businesses Slam Train Company Response, Share Housing Fears

Business owners in East Palestine, Ohio, have hit out at rail operator Norfolk Southern over the company’s response to one of its trains derailing in the town on February 3, forcing an evacuation for several days as authorities dealt with hazardous chemicals.

Four rail-borne risks moving through American communities

Communities alongside rail lines had two more close calls this week as freight trains carrying hazardous materials derailed in Houston and Detroit.

MAGA trashes Biden’s Ohio response as Trump announces East Palestine visit

Some conservative Republicans criticized President Joe Biden this week over his administration’s response to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, comparing it to the response by Trump who is visiting the town next week.

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