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PODCAST: “You Can Do It”

Lots of things to chat about Monday night. You can watch the podcast above. We talked about: Our Easter fun Chris survives what he thought was a “terror attack.” (What a wimp). Why the NFL is big business – even in April. Chris tries – and fails – to impress Brandon and John about how great the NHL Playoffs are and the compelling story of … Continue reading PODCAST: “You Can Do It”

PODCAST BLOG: We’re mixed on Casino Royale

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, Link We’re reviewing movies on our podcast and Brandon and I had mixed feelings on Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale. On a 5 star system, Brandon gave it a 2 1/2, while I gave it a 3. What did you think about Casino Royale? This week, we’ll take a look at the British comedy Hot Fuzz. Here’s the trailer and the … Continue reading PODCAST BLOG: We’re mixed on Casino Royale

PODCAST: Daniel Craig, news cuts and April Fool’s Day

No it’s not a selfie, Brandon Klein and I discussed Daniel Craig, James Bond and “Casino Royale” Brandon and I were mixed on the review. We also discussed why April Fool’s Day is silly and Monday’s job cuts at the Cleveland Plain Dealer and how we would fix the news industry. In addition, we looked at a rainy night hanging out at the Columbus Crew … Continue reading PODCAST: Daniel Craig, news cuts and April Fool’s Day

PODCAST: Meeting Cedric Gegel

We got to talk to a movie director tonight as Cedric Gegel talked about his film “Cadia: The World Within” and hung around to talk about Luke Perry’s death football, soccer and millennials. Check out a trailer for “Cadia: The World Within” here Later John Reed stopped by and we gave him a hard time about his stinky hat and odd comments about Julie Andrews. … Continue reading PODCAST: Meeting Cedric Gegel