Digital portfolio

Project management

I worked with Reading Bear, an online literacy tool developed by Larry Sanger, who was one of the founders of Wikipedia. I sold the complex project to Larry’s team and managed a team of developers, designers and content managers on the project from start to finish. Here is the final product.

Writing samples 

Here are some stories I wrote for and the USA TODAY Network.

‘Mattress Mack’ has $1.8 million riding on the result of today’s Bengals-Titans game

‘I had a better sign, but the committee wouldn’t let it in’: UC fans take aim at rankings during ESPN GameDay

Daylight Saving Time: We found 5 answers to questions about gaining an hour of sleep Sunday

What day is Thanksgiving in 2021? Why does the day change every year?

Hocking College kicker with Down Syndrome featured on ESPN College GameDay

Ohio State vs. Michigan football: So much has changed since the Buckeyes last lost in 2011


I have worked for 20 years as a copyeditor for journalism and marketing companies.

Social media

Here is a sample of a Facebook page I currently manage.

I also actively work with managing Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube personally and professionally. I also have a working knowledge of TikTok.

I also like using relevant Facebook groups to share content. Here is an example.

Use of photos/video

We’re a visual society, so I strongly believe in using pictures and videos to actively share stories. Here is a Facebook viral post I wrote and shot video for about a prayer following a high school football game. The video was later spotlighted on the Today Show.  I also like using sharing content across platforms. Here’s an example of making a video from a raw audio file and pictures from coverage of a local high school baseball player who made the Chicago White Sox. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with editors and reporters to develop audio and video content.

Brand management 

Here is an AdAge story where I was quoted as a spokesman for Heat Surge.


I have worked for ThisWeek’s Marching Orders and Great Food Debate podcasts. I also have a personal podcast here.

Leadership and management

Have managed teams of full-time workers and volunteers throughout my career.