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Feb. 20

How one NPR host is changing the way we hear the news

Yahoo reportedly following The Athletic into subscription business

A Somali journalist launches new effort to cover Minnesota’s immigrants

Digital ads expected to crush everything else this year

Despite backlash, Jason Leopold stands by his story

What isn’t your newsroom covering that your audience wants more of?

Feb. 19

Newspaper production learns to brave “whole new world” in 2019

Knight Foundation commits $300 million to bolster local news

Alabama newspaper editor calls for Klan return to ‘clean out D.C.’

How foundation funding changes the way journalism gets done

This project wants journalists to cover their beat in different ways

Feb. 17

New businesses born in old Delaware Gazette building

Senator Chuck Schumer raises concerns about Digital First’s bid to buy Gannett

TV stations should focus more on depth and emotion in stories, study suggests

Dispatch cancels ‘Non Sequitur’ comic strip over foul-mouthed hidden message in Sunday strip

Feb. 15

The Post-Gazette’s publisher ‘went berserk in the newsroom.’ Now the union wants him barred from the office.

Why clicks aren’t everything in journalism

Feb. 13

Toledo Blade announces plans to stop print editions on Mondays and Tuesdays

Feb. 11

Here are three takeaways from fact-checking the State of the Union

Use these 4 questions to help you think through ethics issues

Profitable New York Times Co. readies big expansion plans as most newspaper companies continue to contract

Here’s how fact checks performed on Facebook compared to hoaxes

CNN exposes U.S. weapons in Yemen, human rights violations

No, dogs aren’t dying from jerky treats in the U.K. But thousands of Facebook users think they are.

Attacking a Pay Wall That Hides Public Court Filings

Facebook Turns 15: A Friendship No One Asked For

Feb. 10 

“Nothing on this page is real.” How lies become truth in online America

Enlist Google, Facebook and ‘radical transparency’ to fight fake news and save journalism

Journalism isn’t dying. It’s returning to its roots

How should journalists spread the word that “we are not the enemy?”

“One cannot cite plagiarism away.”

Author Jill Abramson says she ‘made some errors’ in crediting sources in ‘Merchants of Truth’

Here’s where new readers are coming from in 2019

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